sedes sapientiae


Why do I watch Ghost Adventures? Oh, right- it's like a train wreck. I can't seem to look away. But hey, in other news, Paranormal: Fact or Faked? I caught a little of that last Sunday. Not too bad.

But nothing will beat the horror movies on the weekends. The ones made for TV? Those are so terrible, I can't stop watching them.

Nuts to this, I'll just occupy myself with research for the rest of the night.

Anonymous, you still haven't given me a good reason. Random act of generosity, my ass.

[RL! With Dante. This will end in tears.]

She isn't expecting much, which shouldn't be none too surprising. Idly, Lady was wondering with herself why even asking about "world hopping". When it all came down to it, it sounded to fictious; it provided no insight or help with finding her father, and thus, was becoming the lowest thing at the bottom of her list. She wouldn't admit to anyone, even herself, that having company aside from herself and a computer was the reasoning.

The last time she cooked a meal was for her parents. When her mother was getting home late and Mary decided to try and butter the both of them up. So the pain of that memory along with Dean's words were becoming forgotten. Forcibly. She's still a novice, like it or not, pilled with work. But even now, Lady is glancing back to her computer in the quaintly small hotel room. And yet, all around the room, are notes, books, and her weapons. The center of her life and attention.

The world hop didn't matter, she forcibly reminded herself, fiercely zipping up a hoodie, letting her bare feet get used to the feeling of carpet and without her boots. She'd lose sight of her father if she wasn't careful and she couldn't have that.